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23 Dangerous Things You Should Not Let Your Kid Do

As a parent having children all around you is good and giving them your Full attention is also necessary but as you are giving them your attention make sure you also take note of what they are playing with. There are objects, equipments and substance that might be very harmful to them but because they are ignorant about those things they just go ahead to play with them this might be because of their individual age, maturity level and abilities.

Being a parent you need to take necessary precaution method which are common sense and which am going to spell out for you. Teach and demonstrate correct principles and supervise some practice runs. Once you have practiced this scaffolding of safety, however try to step back and give them some space or independence, step in only when a real danger exist or when your adult strength know - how is necessary and don't afraid to let your children fail because that how they learn and become more resilient.

Am going to be showing your 23 Dangerous things you should not let your kids do with pictures use as illustration.

1. Hammer a nail

Hammering a nail is a basic life skills that each and everyone of us should master. Letting your kid to hammer a nail is very dangerous because they could mistakenly smash their fingers in the process.

Little children are uncoordinated they only way they can be coordinated is when they have experience on how to use the tool

2. Stick your arm out of a car window

Letting you kid to stick out their arm out of a car window of a moving car and letting their hand ride with the wind is bad and dangerous.

for them because they might be unaware of some objects or probably a car coming very close or it might be a metal (Road signs) when they come contact with this objects it can cause serious injuries on their hand.

3. Jump off a cliff

Jumping from a cliff is dangerous for kids its enough to cause serious bodily damage.

4. Use a bow and arrow

Sometimes this kids will like to go extreme and do the unusual.

For a kid to use a bow and arrow is highly dangerous because they might be aiming at you the parent or other valuable items within the house and could lead to great loss.

5. Playing with fireworks

Playing with fireworks for kids within 3 to 5 years old is dangerous because they can lose

their eyeballs when lightning it.

6. Cook a meal

Letting your kid to help you out in the kitchen or helping you out with the meal might not seem to be a bad idea to you but it's dangerous for them.

Object like knives, stove fires and hot pans are threat to their safety in there. Some parents might want to teach their female daughters of how to cut leaves, onions etc to you its normal but to them is risky because they might end up cutting themselves.

7. Climb a tree

This is one aspect that as a parent you need to take very serious. You might not be having a tree in your compound but your next door neighbor might be having trees.

Here peer group /peer pressure comes to play here your kids might not be willing to climb but his or friends might be forcing them to if by chance anyone of them slips from the tree they might dislocate part of their body.

8. Roughhouses

This aspect concentrate more on the male folks, should i say it's more like a fight or wrestling but not serious you see them pulling eachother's head, legs hands this can potentially cause injury to them.

9. Shoot a gun

Some parent might want their kids at age 10 - 15 to explore so they try to teach them how to shoot a gun which is not ethical.

This kid you see at an early each have abilities to adapt easily to change weather within or inside them so as a parent if you have a gun keep it secret dont expose it to them.

10. Go sledding

Alot of kids want to go and explore have fun with their friends and they forget the danger that they engage themselves in as a parent

don't let your kid go for sledding if they are below 18years.

11. Drive a car

Some parents allow their children below the age of driving to drive a car and it's totally bad because they are risking the life of those kids.

So it's advisable that you let your child get to 18years before you can teach or enroll them. And some parents when the are driving the put their kid in front with them and let them hold the stirring which is very bad it's advisable that you stop endangering the life of the kid and yours too.

12. Stand of a roof

Some children snick to the top of the building just to have a clear view of their environment as a parent of you notice this make you

discipline your child.

13. Crossing of road

Never ever allow or let your kid cross the road all by themselves it's dangerous.

If you are sending them on an errand make the place that they are going to has no road.

14. Playing inside rain

Some kids will want to keep playing inside the rain and it's dangerous because it could

cause sickness.

15. Sword fight with sticks

Kids often copy this from movies that they watch and also when they see two people using stick to fight within their society.

Parent should not allow their kids to watch violent movies.

16. Use a pocket knife

Don't allow your child to move along the street with pocket knife it could be very dangerous

to him and his peer.

17. Making or lightning fire

Don't let your kid play with matches and light candles or you send them to make fire for you

they will end up burning theirselves.

18. Hide and seek in park.

Don't let your child play hide and seek in parks and recreational centers because they could get missing and it will be hard to find them because of the crowd.

When your are on outings or holiday vacations make they are always close to you.

19. Walk or ride on bike to school

Allowing your kid to either trek or ride on bike to school is certainly not comfortable because of accident or fear of been

kidnapped. so it's better that you register your kid with the school official bus.

20. Climbing a rope

Physical activities like climbing of robe by kids is not good because they can fall from it

and injure themselves.

21. Explore a tunnel or on adventure

Kids can be very touch at times they will want to test, explore and adventure new things. As a parent you need know where and where you kid go to.

22. Taste alcohol

So many parents have failed here because kids of nowadays have started taking alcohol because their parents introduced and expose them into it, they take it because they see their parent taking it.

So am advising parents not to allow their kid intoxicate themselves by taking alcohol.

23. Watch movies at night.

Children are soppose to sleep early in order to keep their brains refreshed and not stressed out. Watching movies late at night make children to feel lazy and weak during the day and for some they sleep in class.

It's advisable that parents should ensure that their kids sleep in time.

To keep your kids safe you need to watch them closely and Mahe sure adhered to this things that i mentioned.

Photo credit Google, shutterstock, alamystock photo.

Content created and supplied by: BobNews46 (via Opera News )


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