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I Don't Want My Widowed Mother To Remarry-Morayo Afolabi

Recently, there has been a major debate on if children should allow their widowed mothers remarry after the death of their spouses. Some people are of the opinion that they cannot imagine another man being with their widowed mother after the death of their spouse, while others do not see a problem with it. Discussing this issue on Friday, TVC's Your View main host, Morayo Afolabi-Brown shared her opinion on the matter by emphasizing that she cannot imagine another man with her widowed mother. She made this statement when she was trying to explain why women shouldn’t be allowed to remarry in their old age.

Photo Credit: Morayo Afolabi-Brown's Instagram page

Read what she said below, “I feel when a woman has passed the age of 60, her children are not babies anymore, and they are now adults. At this point, they need her guidance and counselling. They need that role modelling. They need their mother’s prayers, not one old man that is coming to be with their mother. The idea of having another man coming into your mother’s room doesn’t sound right. I don’t think getting physical with a man is my mother’s priority right now. Her priority is caring for me and my siblings. I cannot imagine another man in my mother’s bedroom. I don't want my widowed mother to remarry, she is married to Jesus.”

Photo Credit: Morayo Afolabi-Brown's Instagram page

All in all, everyone is entitled to their opinion, I am very sure that Morayo has personal reasons why she holds this opinion. What do you think about this story? Do you think children should have a say in the love life of their widowed parents?

Do you think people become extremely lonely when they lose their spouse in their old age?

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(A picture of Morayo and her mother) Photo Credit: Morayo Afolabi-Brown's Instagram page

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