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Husband and wife relationship

Many Women Are Enslaved Because They Allowed A Man To Feed Them When They Were Hungry - Blessing CEO

There are certain situations whereby women seek love but get disrespected because of their desperation. They are not patient enough to find men who would take care of them and respect them.

Blessing CEO has stated that many women are enslaved because they allowed a man to feed them. She advised women not to get into the hands of men who disrespect them as it doesn't guarantee that such men would marry them.

Blessing CEO in a live video said;

"A lot of men think that you are difficult when you refuse to accept disrespect. They say that you are arrogant and not wife material.

When these men continue to do the things that don't make you happy, you become bitter and they will eventually leave you and move on to a man who will not tolerate disrespect.

Taking disrespect from a man would not make him stay in the marriage. Many women are enslaved because they allowed a man to feed them when they were hungry.

You will be enslaved if you allow a man to give you food to eat. You are not a wife if your husband does things to you that he cannot do to his daughter."

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