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6 Signs That Your Partner Will Soon Leave You

The Nightmare of every true lover is being dumped by someone who claims to love him or her. If you truly love someone, you will be hurt when they leave you for someone else. Only the most observant people will know when they are about to be abandoned by someone they care about.

Most of the time, if someone is going to leave you, he or she has made plans ahead of time. As a result, when they're ready to leave, you'll be caught off guard, and you may not be able to stop them because it's already too late. You would have done something too soon if you had noticed the handwriting on the wall. You have two options: either leave them before they leave you or stop them before they leave.

You will notice these signs if your lover is about to leave you.

1. Change in character.

If your partner has chosen to leave you but is still planning how and when to leave, you will notice a shift in their character. They are unlikely to do the things that you love.

You may ask as to what the problem is when it grows more apparent and repeats itself, but no tangible response will be provided. If you see this sign, it means your partner is preparing to leave you soon.

2. Loss of feeling and lack of romance.

Someone who wants to leave you no longer has feelings for you, hence he or she cannot have a romantic relationship with you.

If you find that your lover has abruptly stopped indulging in romantic activities with you, they are preparing to leave you.

3. They will feel uneasy whenever you are in their presence.

There is nothing you can do to make your partner happy if they begin to hate you. When you get near to them, you'll notice that their mood shifts, and they appear uneasy.

4. Reduction in communication.

If they intend to leave you, they will cease coming close to you, resulting in a significant decline in communication. When someone is in love with you, they will always want to hear your voice and be in your presence. However, if they start to lose it, they will stop speaking with you.

5. Loss of interest.

If you are highly smart and alert, this is the first sign you will notice. Facial expressions, countenances, and movements are common indicators of disinterest. As a result, if your partner displays indications of disinterest, you might expect them to leave you shortly.

6. They will start giving you an attitude.

This is one of the obvious signs that your lover is about to leave you. If you offend your partner, he or she will not react negatively; instead, they will approach you and tell you how they feel about what you did to them. If there is something that requires an apology, you will provide it. However, if your partner begins to treat you with disdain, they will quickly abandon you.

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