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FICTION: For the third time I caught my Sister in the Act. I couldn't help it any longer.

FICTION: For the third time I caught my Sister in the Act. I couldn't help it any longer.

I come from a family of two sons and three daughters. Nicole is our first daughter who happened to be my closest sibling. I love her so much and we share all our secrets about our life without hiding anything.

Whenever we are together our most likely discussion is about our relationship and private life. We were so close that we tend to make decisions for each other. If I have a female friend she doesn't like I will quit the friendship and if she has a male friend I don’t like, she quits the friendship.

I knew she was addicted to sex and I was a chronic gambler. This our weakness we avoid to talk about it to avoid making decisions that might end our closeness. My other siblings do not really like us because of our bad habits.

She once told me of how she has fallen in love with a family member and is so desperate on having sex with him. I asked her if its an extended or nuclear family. She always try to avoid this question whenever she is been asked. Then we jokingly played over it.

On a fateful evening around 8pm I saw my sister having canal knowledge of an individual in a picture. She was so obsessed with it and when she noticed me decided to hide the picture. All efforts for her to tell me who this person was proved abortive. Anyway I was in a good mood as I have just won $1600 in a bet.

We decide to go see a movie in a cinema after one week of when this incident happened. It was a romantic movie which she loves so much. It was 7pm already when we got home. She asked me to come stay in her room so we could chat a little. I was so exhausted and I declined.

After 30 minutes in my room I found it difficult to sleep as I was so engrossed trying to figure out my sisters action one week ago. I felt that she was hiding a lot from me. I decided to go to her room and discuss about it.

Immediately I got to her room I caught her in the act of having canal knowledge for the second time with a photo again; I rushed to get the picture but couldn’t. She tried to calm me down and explained to me that when the time is right she would let me know. I slept over in her room that faithful night with a lot of sexual thoughts.

Two days later I just got back from a friends house and I decided to silently enter the house to avoid been noticed by anyone. I knew my sister was the only one in the house. On getting to her room, her door was slightly open. BOOM! I knew this was my chance to get to know which family member my sister was having canal knowledge of.

I was so amazed when I saw the person in the photo. Behold I was the one, She saw me and quickly grabbed me to lure me into this unforgivable abomination. I couldn’t help it, then I pushed and slapped her.

Its one week I haven't talked to her. I ignored all her calls and texts. Any second thought of this made me question her existence. I felt so sorry for her and myself. I was confused and didn't know what to do. My parents noticed. The suspicious act of my parents made her to write two pages of apology.

I don’t think this could happen!

Does she want me to still be her closest sibling?

Should I tell my parents about this?

What should I do?

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