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15 Funny Memes Only Students Can Understand

There is a popular quote that says "all work and no play makes Johnny a full boy." This statement is actually quite true.

This is why we shouldn't just study but we should learn to have some fun along with it.

Here are 15 funny memes only students can understand;

1. Me to my phone after attending exams of 3 hours.

2. How I feel when I walk listening to music vs how I feel when I walk without listening to music.

3. The true meaning of friendship.

4. Do you have a girlfriend?

5. Multiple choice questions be like.

6. No matter how many hours you study, your parents will enter your room only when you are using mobile.

7. This is called discipline.

8. Thor's hammer.

9. He must be famous.

10. Desktop goals.

11. Smartphone users vs blind people.

12. Do you remember?

13. What I see vs what my camera sees.

14. My girlfriend's hair clip almost gave me a mini heart attack.

15. If you are having a bad day, just remember that these two guys unloaded six thousand bricks at the wrong address.

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