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Husband and wife relationship

I intend to continue having children without disclosing the identity of my husband –Halima Abubakar.

Halima Abubakar, an actress and entrepreneur, has stated that, despite the fact that she was in entertainment, she was under no obligation to show off her relationship because certain individuals were always ready to wreck a perfectly good relationship.

According to the mother of one, in an interview with Saturday Beats, "No one knows if I'm married, and it's not something I want to involve other people in." People will only witness me popping (or giving birth to) children in public. I don't want the general world to know about my personal life. Aside from my family, I can offer something different in the entertainment industry. Everyone must refrain from bragging about their husbands or girlfriends. Some people are constantly ready to wreck perfectly good relationships, and I would never allow anyone to be in that situation. It happened to me with an ex, but the man was too naive and childish to do what I told him (naysayers).Men aren't worth getting into a fight over. Their gazes are constantly wandering.Some people have even threatened to end my friendships with my female coworkers and colleagues.


"Whoever is in my life is contributing to my happiness. In a partnership, I believe that trust is essential. I don't have anything I want to keep hidden. I have never been in a relationship with more than one man at the same time. I don't put any pressure on myself to satisfy expectations or achieve goals. My own personal objective could be something I desire to achieve, but God has something better in mind. The mouth is a highly powerful instrument, and one must exercise caution when using it. I don't normally share my intentions with others ahead of time because I am not God. "

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