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Wedding planning scene

A newly wedded couple putting on nose mask on their wedding day

A newly wedded couples putting on their Nose mask on their wedding day

 A Wedding is a ceremony where a man and a woman his legally united for life as husband and wife. This is a ceremony that brings about joy to the two families of the wedded couples. The major types of marriage ceremonies held in this great nation Nigeria is, traditional and religious marriage. In the traditional marriages ceremonies, the couples dress in their native attires, while in the religious marriage ceremonies, the couples dress based on what their religion permits. 

 Based on the present outbreak of the corona virus, everyone has being advised to always be on their nose mask for public safety, and also to adhere to the social distancing rules. This is to avoid the spread of this virus. 

 This newly wedded couple should be credited for adhering to the rules and regulations given, never minding the fact that the nose mask would appear in their wedding photos.

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