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2 attitudes which show a woman wants to quit a relationship with you.

As a man who seeks true love in a relationship, one of the greatest harm you can cause to yourself is to persuade a woman to love you. Love does not come by persuasion or preachings, it is a feeling which develops naturally, it can be spontaneous or gradual.

When you persuade a woman to love you, you are liable to suffer in that relationship because she does not have feelings for you and would hardly reciprocate your affection.

There are times in a relationship, the woman might get fed up and would want a break up for no just reason or possibly for some reasons which she may not disclose to you. It does happen, but you have to be mindful of your actions so that you will not fall victim of heart break.

No matter how much a woman can pretend to love you, if she gets fed up and wants to quit the relationship with you, these are some of the attitudes she would display.

1. Withdrawal of attention: when a woman is fed up and really wants to quit the relationship with you, she will begin to withdraw her attention for you. She will begin to claim to be busy often, and this would always be the excuse she will give whenever you try to complain about her lack of attention.

2. Repulsive attitude: she will begin to reject some of your offers like going out with you, visiting you, having good time with you, etc. She will not take you seriously anymore because she has lost interest in you. Sometimes, when you call her, she will not take her call or she may even busy the call. She will try to give you negative attitudes that will infuriate you to walk away. At the height of it, she will become so nagging and always picking offence on your slightest mistake.

What should you do when a woman indicates interest to quit a relationship with you? Honestly, you have to let her go amicably because you cannot force someone to be in a relationship with you.

Thank you very much, and have a great day.

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