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Husband and wife relationship

For Married Men: 5 Ways To Calm Your Wife Whenever She's Angry

As a married man, It's imperative to know how to console your wife whenever she's angry. You need basics knowledge on how to seize the moment and calm her anger to avoid problems that may occur afterward.

Below are 5 ways to comfort your wife whenever she is irritated.

1. Ask why she's angry: Sit beside her and ask why she's angry (with a gentle tone). Allow her to speak and ensure that you say something that will reduce her temper. But in a situation where she doesn’t want to talk, don’t pressure her because some women don’t like talking when they’re upset. Just let her know that you're interested in making her happy.

2. Say things that will make her smile. It's important to know certain jokes that your wife finds very funny. In a situation where she's angry, you can tell her those jokes and watch her giggle.

3. Be supportive and not dismissive: Since she's very angry, reassure her that you’re there for her and avoid displaying the "I don't care attitude". Take her to a calm place for proper discussion.

4. Say positive things to her: While giving your support, it's also important to say soothing words to her and avoid making the mistake of accusing her. Focus on making her feel better by picking your words accordingly.

5. Apply petting strategy: caressing her shoulders and back will definitely make her feel relaxed. It releases the hormone oxytocin. This hormone elevates feelings of attachment, connection, trust, and intimacy. You can pet her on the back, rub her palm, or hold her hand and look straight into her eyes and say soothing words to her.

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