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If a girl rejects your proposal, don't force her, this is what you have to do

A guy can be so desperate to have a girl he loves so much as his girlfriend or wants to have her permanently by making her his wife. But at this point, many girls end up turning down the proposal of the man. This alone kills the morale and courage of a man. A girl can reject your proposal in a rude way but some of them can still reject in a respectful and polite manner so the guy won't feel bad.

You know, one thing with girls especially the ones of this our generation is that they are so unpredictable. A girl can have feelings for you but won't let her intentions known to you and would still turn down your proposal if you summon up the courage to talk with her. Most girls do that kind of a thing now to know if you truly love and still come back to her. Girls don't like being too cheap to get because they mostly believe that if you fall in love with a guy on his first shot, that he will end up trashing you. Well, that's normal and good at times. But that's not my aim of writing this article, i am writing this article to share my opinion on what you have to do when a girl turns down your proposal.

You would see a girl on the road and maybe decided to talk to her and everything will be rounded up "that she rejected your proposal" maybe you will say "she should go". So in this case, there are two options.

1. If you don't love her, well you have to let her go because you can't just be playing with someone's heart and feelings. Don't just start wasting your money and time on a girl you know you don't love just because of s3x.

2. If you love her, try to bring her close to you, get some important details and informations about her. Make her your friend share things in common with her, show her real love and affection. I know you must have toasted her that first time as it should be she will say "she have a boyfriend" "she is not interested" or that "she doesn't love you" don't feel bad about these words as this is a primary language for them.

My brother, all you have to do is take good care of her. Girls love boys that are too caring, when you tell her about your intentions for her once, tell her the second time and the third time with some interval and she rejects all, don't feel bad she might have a reason for that just take care of her, become her companion, behave as if you had never toasted her before but don't hold any grudges against her for rejecting you.

With this character which you have shown to her, she will get back to you either when she must have broken up with her boyfriend. Because she needs your quality.

Thanks for reading.

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