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5 Important Things Every Woman Should Know How To Do

There are some important things every woman should know how to do thatand they include:

1)How to take a compliment:First of all, what is the meaning of a compliment? a compliment is an expression of praise , congratulation, encouragement,or respect .For example if some someone calls you beautiful or tells you your outfit is nice that is a compliment.They way a woman takes a compliment defines whether she has a high or low self esteem .As a woman , you should know how to accept a compliment in a gracious manner.

2)How to love yourself: There is a popular saying that goes like this "if you don't love yourself you can't love someone else".So as a woman ,you should love yourself before loving someone else .You should also list out all the things that you like doing and you should forget those ones you don't like.

3) How to manage money:It is believed that women especially don't know how to manage money, they love living a flashy Life, they like new things, especially the pricy ones .But it is also important that as a woman , you should know how to manage your money for rainy days.

4)How to Cook :Not every woman knows how to cook, or even likes cooking .But it is important ,that as a woman you should know how to cook , inorder to comfort yourself , whenever you're tired to step out and buy food or you don't have money to order food from online stores.

5) How to say no: Saying no to someone can be really hard sometimes , especially if they need your help , but it is also important to put yourself before another person and do what makes you feel comfortable because if you say yes to someone but you don't truly mean it ,you would be pleasing that person and displeasing yourself.

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