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4 Disadvantages Of Loving Your Partner More Than Yourself

In every relationship, there should be equal love between the couples but one can choose to love more. There is nothing wrong with showering your partner with love but that love should always have it's boundaries so that it wouldn't break your own heart.

Here Are 4 Disadvantages Of Loving Your Partner More Than Yourself.

* You Might Start Neglecting Yourself: No matter how much you love your partner, don't ever reach to the extent of leaving yourself and your upkeep to take of your partner because that might later backfire at you.

Neglecting yourself because of too much love for your partner might later backfire and you would realize what you have lost.

* You Might Develop An Unhealthy Dependency: There are simple things you could do on your own but suddenly you start finding it very difficult because you have gotten used to someone doing it for you.

There are certain things you should never do while you are still in a relationship because you might eventually lose that person, so if you lose that person will you still be able to survive it or will you be completely shattered, those are things you should think of before loving your partner more than yourself.

* Your Partner Might Start Taking You For Granted: This often happens when you love your partner more than you love yourself and he is your top priority.

There are certain things that have their disadvantages and advantages, so if you want to love your partner, then you should love him in a moderate manner so that your life would not depend on him. Loving someone is not something bad but you should always love according how much the person loves you back.

* Your Partner Might Find You Smothering: Excessively loving someone may lead you to be clingy to that person and you wouldn't want to lose that person.

It might even get to the extent that you wouldn't want your partner to be close to anyone else except you.

You might have the tendency to tell your partner to cut all ties with other people that are close to him which might cause problems in your relationship.

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