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How To Win Your Wife's Trust Again And Save Your Marriage

Trust is one of the bedrocks of every marriage. If there is no trust in your marriage, your marriage may be in trouble. Trust can be lost, but the good news is that it can be restored. If your wife has lost her trust in you, below are ways to get her to trust you again and save your marriage.

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1. Be consistent with your acts of repentance and sorriness.

I will not tell you to start apologising to your wife, because you ought to have started doing that by now if you really want to win her trust and love again.

If you had betrayed your wife or offended her in such a way that she is finding it difficult to trust you again, you have to start with an apology first. You have to make her understand that you are sorry for what you did. You need to get her to forgive you first.

If you succeed in making her to forgive you, that is not the end. She might forgive you but may not trust you again. Now that she has forgiven you, it is time to regain her trust and love.

To gain her trust again, you need to be consistent with your acts of repentance and sorriness. You have to prove to her that you are truly sorry and that you won't do that again. After then, make sure that your actions show that you have truly repented. This will make her to reconsider.

2. Initiate open access.

If you have been maintaining closed access before now, it is time to readjust. You have to initiate and maintain open access. Let her have access to everything in your life. Your phone, computer, car and even your thoughts.

Be open with her. Answer every question honestly. Make sure that she doesn't have any reason to suspect that you are lying to her, or that you are hiding anything from her.

You need to master honesty. Learn how to say the truth even if you think that it will cause problem. Honesty doesn't cause problem. It heals wound caused by dishonesty. Please be honest and open with her.

3. If you are going to be late, don't hesitate to call her beforehand.

She might suspect that you are cheating on her if you don't call to update her about the new development. Call her on time to tell her that you won't be able to make it early on that day. Give her convincing reasons to believe you. Don't forget that you are trying to win her trust back, therefore, you must be very careful not to spoil things more.

4. Trust her.

This is the best way to earn back your wife's trust. Your wife will easily trust you if you can convince her that you trust her. Anything you would not like her to do to you, don't do it to her. If you can convince her that you trust her, you can easily win her trust and love again.

5. Don't do things that can break her heart before her.

Innocently going through some adult sites while she is watching may break her heart. She might think that you are in another romantic relationship with someone else. Even though you might be innocent of this, you may lose her trust more.

The best thing to do is not to make her suspect you at all, at least for now that you want to regain her trust.

Doing the above will help you earn your wife's trust again and also save your marriage.

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