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Can a Man Win a Lady's Heart Without Spending Money?

There have been a lot of controversy concerning whether a man can win a lady's heart without money or not. This has become one the topic of the day for a lot of people and they have been wondering if this is even possible.

In this article, I am strictly going to be talking about this topic based on my opinion and some researchers

While I was going through a lot of researches, I found out one that made a statement that you can actually win a lady's heart without money. In his own point of view, he described that ladies need attention and the only way you can win their love is by giving them that attention they need.

Regular calling, texting and sending them love messages could actually help in winning her heart and make her happy in a relationship

Another Relationship researcher made the statement that ladies feel like men who are not rich are not complete men

In his own view point, he said that ladies date this type of men for fun and after sometime they go after rich ones and settle down. With everything he said, he made it clear that ladies cannot actually love a man fully, if he cannot take care of them financially.

The Author opinion

Referring to the first researcher, I can say he is wrong in a way. Before winning a lady's heart, yes you will have to give her attention, but even attention needs money to an extent. You will have to take her out, make her happy, buy her clothes on her birthday etc.

Without having money, those things are lacking. A relationship cannot generally stop at texting and calling and sending love messages, it will need a little entertainment for it to actually work out.

For the second researcher, all ladies love to settle down with a wealthy person. But if a lady settles down with you because you have money that love would not last for long.

Relationships should not be based on money but on love. If a lady dates you because you have money, what if the money finishes, will she stay?

I can only say that men should be financially stable before asking a girl out because you will need a little money to win a woman's heart.

From your own view readers, what do you think?

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