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Dear Singles, You Will Be Very Unhappy If You Marry Someone You Aren't Attracted To- Reno

Marriage as we all know is a union of two people preferably a male and a female coming together to become husband and wife in the presence of two or three witnesses. Getting married is something that should be taken seriously while getting married to the right person is another ball game altogether. You need to be very intentional in choosing the right person if happiness is one of your marriage goals which I know it is. Amongst other things to look out for in a person before marrying him or her, the issue of physical attraction comes stronger for me. I can't imagine myself getting married to someone that I am not attracted to no matter how much I think I love the person. How can I even love a person who I am not attracted to physically?

It's so unfortunate that most people have been deceived into marrying who they aren't physically attracted to. These set of people were made to believe that character is the only thing to watch out for while choosing your spouse. I totally understand the place of character in choosing your partner but physical attraction is also a major determinant. You can't be entirely happy in marriage where you aren't physically to your spouse. Reno Omokri seems to agree with me on this point and below is what he has to say about this.

Do you think Reno is making sense with the above nugget?

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