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CHILD ABUSE: Negative Effects of Child Abuse On The Child

Child Abuse, is any form of maltreatment be it physical, sexual or psychological, or neglect by an adult, which is violent or threatening to the child.

According to John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of United States of America, " Children are the world's most valuable asset and its future ".

Children should be treated with love and not by force. One day, that elderly maltreating a little child will grow old and weak while the one he is maltreating will grow stronger, then he himself will treat you anyhow he or she likes. Children are the leaders of tommorow, we shouldn't teach our children how to maltreat people by maltreating them because everything thing a child does is something he or she has heard or seen somewhere. So, you should try to be of good example. Anyone who truly loves, and wants to secure a brighter future for his or her will never maltreat or abuse his or her child. If you abuse your child, read the consequences below carefully.


The effects can be short lived or long lasting, depending on the age of the child, relationship with the perpetrator, the type of abuse, how often he or she was abused and also how severe the abuse was. However, these are some of the effects on the child:

. Depression - The mood of the child is reduced.

. Withdrawal from friends - He is always isolated because of shame.

. Anxiety - They tend to have strong feelings of worry or fear which affects their daily life.

. Low self esteem - They count themselves as hopeless people.

. Difficulty with making or keeping relationships - Due to the fact that they trust people less, they find it hard to make or stay in a relationship.

I don't know why or what people derive from hurting a helpless little fella, who knows little.

I hope you enjoyed that.

Incase of an case of child abuse, contact the appropriate agency against child abuse.

Stay Safe.

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John F. Kennedy United States of America


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