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If Sheyi Shay's boyfriend can buy her a car just to apologise, here are 3 things all guys should do

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Have you heard the latest news:

Sheyi Shay's boyfriend just bought her a car just to apologise because he probably did something wrong.

Its not a wedding gift,its not a "will you marry me gift", its just " I am sorry gift".

According to Shayi Shay the car might be her favourite food and maybe her weakness.

So if the car is Sheyi Shay's weakness then am telling you that all girls have a lot of weakness. You need to start doing a lot of things to say "I am sorry" when you apologise to your girlfriend's.

Have you thought about it before,that sometimes when you apologise to a girl she does not forgive you instantly. Most times ladies want to do a little bit of "shakara". Well that is how they were created,very emotional.

What if when you do something wrong which most guys tend to do a lot this days,don't you think it would be nice if you could say sorry and instantly you would get your forgiveness there and then.

Because almost all the time when you do something wrong either knowingly or unknowingly they get angry,and when a girl gets angry you don't even want that kind of problem in your life.

A girl can really frustrate you when she is angry at you,she might even say you will sleep on the ground for one week straight.

But we can avoid these:

5 things to use as " I am sorry" gift

1) Buy her a Car

Trust me when I say Shayi Shay's boyfriend know what he was doing when he bought the car for her. He knows her weakness already,so he used that as an advantage for himself.

Imagine you get a car for your girlfriend just to say "I am sorry", she will just forgive you that moment. No time to waist,if she sees the car her head will just forget what happened at first,she will even forget why she was angry at you at the first place. Most guys would be saying " so I will now spend all that money for the car?". If you don't want her problem just say sorry with the car as fast as possible.

2) Propose to her

When we were growing up,you must have heard that to if you do something wrong and you want someone to forget it, you should put your hair under your armpit then the person will forget it. Trust me that the girls of this century will never forget they will just keep on remembering both the things you did and the one you did not do.

The best thing is to just make up your mind that it is time to get engaged already,it's time to ask the question I will you marry me in a romantic way.

Go and start looking for that engagement ring anywhere you can get it and start planning the best way to propose to her. After doing this she will definitely forget what you did,if not then "water don pass garri".

When you ask a girl will you marry me? Her head can even burst. Try it.

3) Take her Shopping

Trust me when I say " Shopping works all the time" at least it has worked to calm me also. Take her out,go watch some movies, buy her flowers.

Get her that bag she has been asking you to buy for a very long time. Get her that dress she saw on TV. You can even buy everything in a boutique if you can

If you try this 3 things and she does not forgive you, then you are the only one that knows what you did to her.

What do you think?

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