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Husband and wife relationship

3 Basic Factors You Should Consider About The Occupation Of Your Partner Before You Marry Them

The choice of a life partner is something that singles should not make hastily without giving a thought to virtually everything that surround the existence of the person they intend to walk down the aisle with in the nearest future. One of the mistakes some single men and women make in choosing a wife or husband is focusing on only the NOW without giving consideration to the FUTURE in the process. Marriage is a lifetime thing, at such, anyone making any marriage decision should be futuristic in their approach.

If in the process of making a choice of a life partner you make any basic mistake, it will be an issue of time before you start facing the consequences of your choice. One thing you should not compromise is your future happiness. You need to be intentional about it. You should not be too careless and insincere why making that once in a lifetime decision. In other words, you should not deceive yourself. If you know within yourself that you won't get the kind of fulfilment you have always dreamt about after marrying that man or lady, you should not force yourself into choosing him/her.

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As a single man or lady, there are three major factors you should consider about the occupation or career of your partner before you finally reach the decision of saying, "Yes, I do" to them. They include:

1. Financial factor.

It is a known fact that money plays a vital role in the management of any marriage. Money is like a lubricant that facilitates the smooth operation of any given marriage because, most of its activities revolve round it. Under this factor, you should consider how much the income or stipend is on daily, weekly or monthly basis. Will it be enough to attend to some of the basic needs of your marriage when it is joined with yours? You should not also forget your future kids in your consideration. By the time you start having children, can the money be used to pay some bills in the home and also take care of the needs of the children? Consider those things as they relate to the income from the person's occupation before you marry him/her.

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2. Safety factor.

It is true that all occupations or careers have their peculiar safety risks but some are more risky than others. Inasmuch every married couple desires to grow old with their chosen spouses, such desire can be cut short if the occupation/job of the person has a very high risk on it. You should not get married to someone and be having anxiety on daily basis because of the risk involved in his or her choice of occupation. You know yourself better than anyone. If you cannot cope with it, you should think twice before you tie the knot.

3. Time factor.

You should also consider how time consuming your partner's job is. Is it the kind of job that will not allow him/her to spend time with you and your children when they start coming forth? Will he/she be emotionally available for you and your future kids? Will the job allow him/her to give you maximum attention? Inasmuch it is good to consider the financial benefits of his/her occupation, money cannot take the place of emotional needs. There are some married people out there who feel lonely, unloved and uncared for amidst the availability of money and what money can buy, because their spouses are not there for them due to the time consumption of their occupation.

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