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Why Ladies Should Start Having Children Before They Clock 35 Years

All things being equal, one of the many dreams of most adult ladies in life is to get married and have the kids of their own as early as possible. However, due to some unforseen issues surrounding them, that dream is always truncated. Nonetheless, when it comes to ladies having children, some would want to do it the right way - conceiving when they are legally married. Unfortunately, because of disappointments in the past relationships they have been into, they experience some delay in marriage.

Nevertheless, regardless of the situations surrounding you in the aspect of marriage and conception, by all means possible, as a lady, try and start having kids before you celebrate your 35th birthday. Don't get it twisted. It is not as if you don't have the right to decide when to start having children, but you must remember that, nature has a way of taking some of our rights away from us, most especially because of age factor.

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According to the revelation made by a medical report on the topic of "fertility and age", medically, it is advisable that a female should give a serious consideration to having children on or before 35 because of the following reasons:

1. Chance of conception for a lady is thin when she has reached 35 years of age because at that age, she will no longer have a constant and regular menstruation as she used to in the past, thereby making conception difficult.

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3. The number of the eggs in her ovaries as well as the quality/strength of the eggs will reduce drastically. Consequently, the ovary may not release egg every month, thereby making irregular ovulation a reality.

According to recommendation made by medical experts, even though conception won't be impossible when a lady is already 35 years, she should not hesitate to see a doctor if she is unable to get pregnant 6 months of making efforts to conceive a child.

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