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Touching Story of the Nigerian boy that Was Raised by Chimpanzees, (See Photo)

The boy was called bello. At around 1996 he was found living among chimpanzees in northern Nigeria. The boy was said to have been raised by chimpanzees in Kano state, and it is claimed that his parents abandoned him at a very young age, he is believed to have been abandoned because of his disability, as it is common practice among some Fulanis to abandon their children when they are seen to be disabled

The boy was abandoned for about 5 and 6 months, and was then adopted by the chimpanzees. He was reportedly found amongst the chimpanzees in the northern part of the country, Kano, acting like them.

Interestingly, when he was discovered and saved, when he dragged his hands on the floor, he was already walking like a chimpanzee, making noises like the chimpanzees, throwing objects and breaking them constantly.

He was later reported dead in 2005, which broke people's hearts around the country as the news about him had gone a long way, as various media outlets reported.

Source: Monkeyland

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