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Husband and wife relationship

Checkout This Tribe Where Women Are Not Allowed To Cook For Four Years After Marriage

The Dinka Tribe of South Sudan Is a very unique Tribe especially when it come to their marriage tradition. In this marriage tradition, women get treated specially in the first four years of the marriage. They get to be treated like gods. 

This all begins when a man and woman from the tribe agree to marry each other. The man's family then goes over to the bride's family to reveal the intention of marrying their daughter. They also negotiate the bride price which is usually from 100 to 500 cows. 

After the wife's family has agreed and negotiation is settled, then both lovers get married. After the wedding ceremony, the woman undergoes a period called "Anyuuc" (generous welcoming). In this period, she is not allowed to cook or stress herself in any way. In this period, she is not allowed to do any house chores but to rest, relax and study her husbands home style of living, their likes and dislikes. This period lasts for four years.

In this period, The husband's sister will be the one cooking, washing and doing all the house chores until after four years. At the end of these four years, a party is thrown for the woman by her husband. It is always a very big party called 'Thaat' (food festival) where abour three cows to 5 goats are killed. This party is to initiate the wife into taking over the domestic chores of the house. 

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Dinka Tribe South Sudan


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