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A Man That Truly Loves A Woman must

 A man that really loves a woman must do these --

1. Accept Her : Acceptance is the first sign of love . So if a man loves you he must accept you .  

He accepts you regardless of your colour , height , language , background , past , qualifications on .

2. Respect Her : When a man really loves a woman he respect her . He respect her opinions , choices , family . He respect her body -- what she would do and don't do . 

3. Communicate with Her : He will always look for ways to get communicate with her no matter how busy he is . Although he way of communicating might be your preference. For instance you may love chatting but he enjoys phone calls , Vice versa  . He loves communicating with you but you have to understand his ways . 

4. Give Her what He has : Love is giving . Everyone has something to give . When a man loves you he would share his resources with you . He gives you his time , money, attention or whatever he has . 

5. Support Her : A man in love would supports his woman because he wants her to succeed . As a lady don't trust any man that is afraid of your success .  

If you find this wisdom helpful please let me know in the comment section . 

Content created and supplied by: Odinakchukwuarinze (via Opera News )


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