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Dear Ladies, Here Are 5 Things Men Don't Want You Doing

Do you ever ask yourself what do men want? They seem to say they want one thing, but when they have it, no longer want it. Like any creature, sometimes what we think we really want, once obtained, is not what we thought it would be. That leads to disillusionment. The problem is women continually look to please that guy in our life, and sometimes it feels like no matter what we do, it isn’t right. That leads to feelings of failure and frustration. Many guys have absolutely no idea what they want. It isn’t that they are keeping a secret from you. Or that they know, and they don’t want to tell you. They literally aren’t in touch with their own emotions enough to know what it is that they want from life, from their career, and even, yes, from you.

We know they want intimacy. So what is it that they don't want?

1. Invading each other's privacy

Although it is customary in relationships to share phone and social media account passwords, it is still unethical. Even if you're in a relationship, you must maintain your privacy as an individual. Inquiring into your partner's private life is a symptom that you don't trust him or her. Stop doing this if you want to strengthen your relationship's trust. This can help you cease being suspicious of your partner's loyalty. As a result, the relationship will be more calm.

2. Acting in a way that may arouse your partner's envy or rage.

If you wish to avoid arguments, you must first identify the common causes of your lovers' quarrels and take steps to avoid them. If you know your partner doesn't want you to stay out too late with friends, for example, don't do it. You can still go out with your friends without having to stay up late. If you were in his situation, you'd be nervous about something horrible happening or that your partner might be with someone else in the middle of the night.

3. Bringing up old topics every time you have a disagreement

Partner fights and failures are common occurrences. However, even after making up, if you can't forgive and let go of each other's mistakes, your relationship will stagnate. The past will always bind you, and trust concerns will be difficult to overcome. Love does not keep track of mistakes.

4. Being passive-aggressive

When you're in a relationship, it may seem easier to keep your sentiments to yourself rather than communicate them, but doing so might be detrimental to your connection. Almost everyone has been in a situation where there is tension and one partner asks the other if they are upset, and the other partner says, "I'm okay," but things are far from perfect. The finest thing you can do if you're upset is to express it. You might want to appear non-confrontational, but that won't help you or your relationship in the long run. When you keep your feelings bottled up, animosity toward your partner can rise.

5. Being compared to an ex

This happens whenever a couple has a disagreement. You find one of them reminiscing about their excellent times with their ex and comparing their present sweetheart to their former. The majority of the time, it's done out of rage, but it's critical to keep an eye on your emotions at all times. Never let them have influence over you. Comparing your current relationship to your ex is akin to telling him directly that the former is better and that he isn't good enough.

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