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Divorce Affair

Opinion: Men Loves Pampering Too

Marriage is horrible! this definitely is the answer you will get from women who are in a bad marriage. Trust me when I say that these women will, some of who are bitter, regretful , better and when I say ''better'' I mean who survived domestic violence, who has come to terms with the fact '' am better off.''

some of these women are living in regrets of loosing their husbands. A close friend of mine made a list for me on how she lost her husband of 9 years, she wrote;

1 it became weird that I should greet him in the morning, So I stopped greeting him

2 I close very late @ around 10 pm

3 I order food instead of cooking it

4 I denied him sex constantly

5 I locked my phone with a password

6 I let the house girl do everything in the house

7 I hit the house girl and abuse her verbally

After a while I noticed the way he looks at her, the he smiles at her at given time. They always made eye contact and he stopped looking at me like he used to, he stopped coming to me for sex, until one night.....he came and dropped a file on the bed and simply '' please sign,'' although he isn't married to my house help but they had an affair after our divorce.

I feel sorry for her but I also feel their marriage lacked communication, the husband obviously dint bring it to her attention, how he felt. The one thing to lack in a union is communication, it helps solve issues we might not know existed....issues that deprives one of emotional attachment . fellas lets speak out more, be more expressive as it relieves the heart.

Men are delicate too. They may not show it often but men do cry. It affects a man's moral thinking when you yell at him, especially in front of the kids. They too, feel pain.

Slot of women are willing to go extra mile just to frustrate their husband.. Talk to your man with respect, regard..... Men loves pampering too.!

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