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5 Things You Should Do After Sleeping With Your Partner To Prevent Infection

Couples or partners at times make some mistakes after having intimacy with their lovers, and at times some of these things can lead to infections or put your life at risk. 

Here Are 5 Things To Do After Sleeping With Your Partner. 

1. Try Your Possible Best To Pee After Making. 

Pee after love making is good because it will help you flush down some disease our eyes can't see in your body system after having intimacy with your partner. Try to make this a habit 

2. Drink Enough Water. 

Try to drink enough water after love making with your partner. Don't just lie down and sleep off, you need to drink water, so you can have more advantage to urinate and also flush out some microbes or diseases in your body system. 

3. Learn To Wash Your Hands After Intimacy

Stay clean, always watch your hands after love making with your partner. Some couples make these mistakes after love making they just stand up from bed and start eating even without washing their hands, and this is not healthy. 

4. Get Tested And Know Your HIV Status

Mostly for people who like having new partners, it is good to go for an HIV test after having intimacy. It is good to check your HIV status at least once in 3 months to know your HIV status and also avoid having intimacy with different partners and people you don't know their HIV status. 

5. Try To Rest Or Sleep

Don't just rush to work or anywhere after love making, try to rest for some time to regain energy. It is not an easy job, so you have to balance your body physical before doing anything. 

Thanks for reading. 

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