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3 Rules You Should Follow To Build strong Relationship

As a man, if you want to build a strong relationship with your woman, I will be giving you some few steps which will help you make your relationship more strong and also help you to build a new one. 

1. Spend time doing activities that will bring you joy as a family.

As a man, you have to take your partner as a member of your family. That's why I do advise men to go for the woman they love from their hearts, you have to take her as a sister, mother, friend and also your girlfriend. Make her feel special, make time to spend quality time with her, that will bond the both of you more and also bring more trust to your relationship, and such can also make your relationship stronger. 

2. Don't rely on email, phone calls or text to communicate with your partner. 

Most people don't spend time with their partner, they only work on social media or phone calls, make time to communicate with him or her in person, you both can have a deeper conversation there, and such expresses more determination between each other than having a phone conversation. 

3. Respect the boundaries of your relationship. 

Always respect the boundaries of your relationship, don't go on telling people what's happening in your relationship, always take those important things secrets, you don't have to tell your friends anything about your relationship only tell your family member or his family member about the issue you both had, never you expose it to a non family members that will break the bound in your relationship, always respect that bound in your relationship, If you follow up all this I listen your relationship will become stronger, and you will come back to tell me thank you.

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