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Blessing CEO- Broke Men Do Not Need Love, Any Broke Man You Are Dating, You Are Just Helping Him Out

Blessing CEO, a relationship guru, recently shared a video of herself advising women, ladies Etc. In the video she Urged Young Ladies to come closer and listen to what she has to say: Leave everything you are doing and listen to me because big Aunty is Talking.Let me tell you ladies something Broke Guys do not need love what they need is help and not love. Any broke guy that you are dating, You are just helping him, because him never to run you street. Everytime what comes to your mind is I am in love, I repeat that is not love because a broke guy will use you and dump you. Why do you think that every broke guy have bad character? Infact they have all the bad character in the world because they are always insecure, they are always aggressive, they are always arrogant, they are always narcissist, they are always violent, and they are always abusers. They know you deserve better, so they are always afraid another man will give you a better life out there. If a man cannot provide for you, he can not love you. What is the meaning of Love? Love is how a man treat you or how people choose to treat you. How can a man treat a woman, when he doesn't have the financial capacity.

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According to relationship therapist Blessing CEO, when a man is unable to provide for a woman, the only thing he can do is sleep with her. According to Okoro Blessing, poor guys have a lot of children since they don't have any work. She also asked women to stand up for themselves and stop performing abortions for these irresponsible males.

He will sleep with you and advise you to get an abortion, but when you do, he will tell you that he cannot marry you because of the abortion you performed for him. Are you tired of hearing these heartbreaking stories, ladies? You don't need to stand behind a man; you can stand on your own.


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