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Traditional Wedding:In laws Fight Over Goat Presented As Part Of Bride Price For Their Daughter

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It was reported that a fight started in a traditional wedding after in laws couldn't agree on how to share the goat that was present as part of bride price.

We all know that the man who is about to take a wife from a particular family would have to deliver what the family of the wife wants before the ceremony itself,they would send him a list of things to purchase and once he meets up with it,the ceremony can go on.

In this case,the man already delivered the bride price to the family but on the traditional wedding day,the in laws started to drag the goat among themselves because they weren't okay with the way they proposed to share it.

Here is the video below


According to the video,the family of the man didn't interfere with what was going on as they just sat down and watched.

This all happened on the day of the traditional wedding

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