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Why real men don't chase women

If you've been in this family for a while, you should know that we don't chase women here.

However, some guys take this "I don't chase women" too far.

And hopefully, I'll try to use this post to clarify things.

Now, there's a big difference between showing a girl you're interested in her and chasing her.

When you're interested in a girl, you as the "man" should make the first move and lead the interaction to the endpoint you desire.

That is, you're the one to:

•Approach her.

•Collect Her number.

•Call or Text her first.

•Set up the date.

•Start the flirting, etc.

Now, doing these things don't mean you're chasing women. No, you're just showing her you're romantically interested in her.

When it turns to chasing is when you go about it in an unattractive way.

That is, when a girl is acting all flakey with you, and you're still investing much effort on her 

For Example:

1) Maybe you saw a lady you like, and you approached her. And she blew you off. And after "persisting" at that moment, she still remained unresponsive.

You begin to chase the lady, when you still try approaching her another day.

2) Or you've asked a girl out on a date for like two times and the both times, she gave you an excuse why she can't make it.

You start to chase her, when you continue asking her for the date.

So the best way to go about this is:

Show girls you're interested in them, and "persist" at that very moment---if they throw some resistance your way. 

However, after your initial persistence, and they still didn't budge; NEXT them.

PS: Brother, valentine is coming, where's your girlfriend?


Well, I hope you won't be lonely that day? I mean, if you're alone that day, let it be by CHOICE and not that you couldn't get yourself a Val.

Never settle for less. 

Always go for exactly what you want in life.

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