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Divorce Affair

3 Key Attributes A Man Must Posses That Will Earn Him A Happy Marriage Apart From Money

Money as important as it is in the journey of marriage occupies the bottom of the table in the list of required qualities that drive a successful matrimony. While it is key to be financially stable with a definite means of income before taking a bold step that will lead to the altar, lacking in other essential areas can be disastrous and devastating.

Those who build their marriages on the foundation of money end up regretting it till today. If money were to be everything in marriage, most celebrities and high profile couples whose marriages have crumbled would have remained together and happy for life.

As a man, it is not enough for you to make enough money that can secure for you the good things of life, you also need some special qualities that will not only keep your marriage but will also make you a happy family man in that marriage.

One of the qualities highly essential in marriage is emotional and psychological maturity. If there is anything that can wreck a man psychologically and emotionally, it is marriage. If you are not mature in this area, no matter how stinkingly rich you might be, you are not yet packaged for marriage.

If you force yourself into it, you will end up in a big mess. Psychological and emotional maturity is simply a way of handling critical, complicated and complex issues in a calm, composed and collected way to achieve an expected result. 

Women by their nature are not wired with this qualities. They easily get confused, disturbed and devasted when things don't work out as planned or when there is a little trouble at home. It therefore takes a mature man to handle such a situation and inject an aura of hope in the family even when it seems there is no way out of the situation. It is simply called an audacity of hope. This is the maturity expected of a man planning to go into marriage.

The second thing is the strength of character. As a man, you cannot be married and still want to live like a bachelor or mingle with the same set of people that used to hang around you.

Of course, there are several reasons for you to keep up the old life and want to spice up the dull moment once in a while, but as a married man, such life is no longer healthy for the sake of your marriage. You must learn to remain focus on family building and bonding. Your decision to do away with those life you used to live as a single man without minding the cost is what makes your strength of character.

Thirdly, you must be ready to tolerate anything and everything from the woman you married. Marriage is an affair where couple see themselves completely without anything to hide from each other. 

No matter your status in the society, you must be ready to swallow your pride and remain a literal fool at home. This is the only way you can enjoy your marriage and keep it safe. Generally, most women are not tolerant and are always ready to express their feelings at every slight provocation. 

In the heat of argument, your wife may likely do or say something that will spark your anger and push you to do the unthinkable but as a man, that special quality will save the ugly scenario and earn you your respect. 

These are qualities that cannot be bought by money in marriage. If you don't have it, you are not yet ripe for marriage 

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