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5 Signs A Guy Secretly Likes You.

Everyone falls in love sometimes and while some guys are very confident with expressing the way the feel, some other guys are very shy about it. A shy guy might not be able to express the way he feels about you, but they are going to be some signs and some things he would do that will show he's affection towards you.

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So in this article, i would be talking about some of those secret signs that shows that a guy likes you.

1. He tries to be funny around you.

We all know that girls like funny guys and this is why a guy that likes you would try to act funny around you. Sometimes he might even embarrass himself just so that he can make you laugh.

So when you notice a guy trying to be funny for you, appreciate he's effort because he is going out of he's way to please you.

2. He Gets Nervous Around You.

When a shy guy likes you he would often times feel very nervous around you and this happens because he does not know how to act around you or he is trying to hide he's feelings from you.

Sometimes he might be trying to figure out what to say or what to do to impress you, thereby putting a lot of pressure on himself which in turn makes him feel nervous.

So when you notice a guy always getting more tensed up when he is around you then he secretly likes you.

3. He stares at you alot.

A guy that likes you will stare at you alot and he might not even be doing this consciously, he might be doing it subconsciously without realizing that it is becoming a little bit creepy.

When a guy likes a girl, that girl would look more beautiful and attractive in his eyes and this is why he would often times get lost in his thoughts while staring at her.

4. He sometimes ignores you.

If you notice that sometimes a guy is sweet and romantic towards you, while other times he is mean and just ignores you. Then he is doing the push and pull technique, as it is an effective way to earn a person’s affection but only when used strategically.

This technique triggers your emotions by making you wonder if that guy really likes you or not, and in turn you might not know when you start catching some feelings for him. He was able to trigger your emotions which made you curious about he's intentions for you, which in turn made you start liking him more.

So when a guy tries out this technique on you, then he secretly likes you.

5. He notices every little change in your appearance.

When a guy notices every little changes about you, little things like your new hair or your newly fixed nails then he secretly adores you. A man that likes you would not fail to notice every little change about you, and he would waste no time in giving you a compliment on it.

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