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If You Want To Achieve Success In Life, Never Do These 5 Things To Your Father

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Father, daddy, dad, papa, pa, no matter what you call them, they are still the ones that influenced our lives, they are the ones that made us who we are today. There is no human that will say that they did not learn anything from their father. Even if your mother is exceptional, there are still some certain things your father taught you, that no other person in the whole can. If there is any man on earth who wants the best for you, it must certainly be your father. Fathers are wonderful, they are “invaluable”.

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As a man, as a woman, we should know that we only have one father in our lives. If we treat them badly, and they die as a result of it, they will never come back, and we will live the rest of our lives missing them.

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Think about the man that suffered so much for you, the man that made sure you never go hungry, the man that stayed up late in the workshop, just to make sure that your school fees were paid on time. If you must do something bad to any man, let it not be your father. Never bite the hand that fed you.

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Our fathers have done a lot for us, they have sacrificed so much, and that is why we must never do anything that will hurt them. Fathers are usually strong-hearted, but if we do anything that will hurt their feelings, they may never forgive us.

In order to pay our fathers back for all they have done for us, to make sure that they are always happy, we must make sure that we never do these 5 things to them, even if not for any other reason, but to show how much we respect them.

1. Never talk back at him

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Some fathers may be upsetting at times, but no matter what he says to you, you have no right to talk back. You should know that he is your father, and deserves utmost respect. When he says anything bad to you (something that you don’t like), hold yourself at the moment to avoid doing something you will regret in the future. After everything must have subsided, quietly go to his room and tell him what he did that you don’t like, he will understand and will forever respect you for it.

2. Don’t ever use this sentence on him, “you are not worthy to be a father”

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This is a very special advice, an advice you should take to your heart. On no account should you use that kind of words on your father. Those words are heartbreaking and may hurt him much more than you expected. If you don’t want him to lay a curse on you, better avoid using any harsh words on him. Your father must be respected at all times.

3. Allow him to see his grandchildren as much as he wants

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 This particular issue has caused a lot of misunderstanding between fathers and children. It is a dream of every father to see his grandchildren before he dies. One of the greatest things you can do for your father is to make sure you frequently take your children to him, so that he will see them. The sight of his grandchildren can keep him happy for a whole month, not to even talk of carrying them or holding their hands. So many aged men will testify to what I am saying.

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His grandchildren are very special to him, and that is why he must see them at least once in a year. This is even enough to make him to be happy with you all his life. If you are the type that finds it very difficult to take your children to their grandparents, you need to change your way.

4. Don’t argue too much with him

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Logical argument with your parents is not bad at all, but when you discover that the argument is going to another level, endeavour to stop. Too much of argument might result to so many bad things, it might result to insults and use of harsh words, which might end up hurting the both parties. Try as much as possible to avoid arguing with your father, it will make you have less problems with him. 

5. Don’t ever fight him 

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This is a “no go area”. On no account should you fight your father, no matter the reason. Even if he annoyed you to the highest level, still, you have no right whatsoever to touch him. If you have ever fought with your father, kindly apologise to him before it becomes too late. If you don’t do that, just know that you may not succeed in life.

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In summary, you must treat your father specially, treat him like the man that suffered so much for you. If you know that way you treat your mother, kindly treat your father the same way. Your father has suffered a lot for you, he has sacrificed so much to make sure you succeeded in life. Therefore, you must treat him like a king, you must let him know how much you love him, how much you respect him.

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If you really want to go far in life, you should make sure you don’t do anything that we come in-between you and your father, and your family in general. He is your father, he deserves to be special in your life.

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