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Reasons Why You Should Avoid Having A Drug Addicted Friend

Sometimes the kind of friends we keep says a lot about us, which is why it is very important to know the company of friends we keep. You should be able to ask yourself if your friends are adding value to your life.

Now, there are different kinds of friends a person can have but in all, avoid having a friend who is addicted to hard drugs.

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A drug addict is simply a person addicted to drugs not for medical purposes but for fun and relaxation. As you read further, I will be sharing with you reasons why you should avoid having a drug addicted friend.

Firstly, having a friend who is addicted to drugs puts you in a position of becoming a drug addict. The influence from your friend will become unbearable, and it is very likely to lead you into becoming a drug user and possible an addict. At this point, it might be difficult for your home training to guide you.

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Secondly, having a drug addicted friend puts you in the danger of the Law enforcement agency.

The NDLEA, which is aimed at apprehending drug users and dealers, may be at your tail even though you don't take drugs. Having a friend who takes drugs has in one way attracted you to the attention of the law enforcement agencies.

Another instance is when your drug addicted friend plants a drug in your belongings without you knowing, then when you are in transit, the NDLEA agents are likely to do a stop and search routine and apprehend you for possession of hard drugs.

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Lastly, a drug addicted friend is likely to pressure you to engage in criminal activities like robbery, kidnapping, drug dealing etc. Most youths indulging in criminal activities are under the influence of hard drugs.

In essence, it is much better for you to avoid having a drug addicted friend. But in a case where your friend is an addict, find a way to talk him/her from taking drugs and if that doesn't work successfully, exit the friendship with immediate effect.

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