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5 Things A Man Stands To Lose In His Marriage When He Cheats On His Wife

First off, before we get into things a married man stands to lose in his marriage when he cheats on his wife, it is pertinent to know the following facts about men as far as cheating is concerned.

No man was born with a trait of cheating.

I am always surprised when I hear some people say that, cheating is in the nature of men; more like something that has been born with them from birth. If you are one of those people who have always believed that, erase that thought from your mind because it is not true. Cheating is a thing of choice and not something that is influenced by nature.

Men are not promiscuous in nature.

Another funny thing that I have come across in the course of growing up is, men are promiscuous in nature; that is, they CANNOT stick to one woman. That is another lie people should not believe because, there are men out there who are married to one wife that do not go outside their marriage to have affairs with other ladies.

All men do not cheat in marriage.

Most people have also reached the conclusion that every married man is a cheat(there is no single faithful man in marriage). Such a misconception that people should not swallow hook, line and sinker.

Having noted the aforementioned facts about men and cheating, we should look at some of the things a man stand to lose in his marriage on the account of cheating in the subsequent paragraphs. One of the things that affect the smooth and successful operation of any marriage is cheating. No matter the pretence, no married lady (not even a single one) will be happy when she finds out that her husband is giving his body to other ladies outside her marriage. It does not only affect women emotionally, it also have a psychological effect on them.

As a married man, resist any urge of cheating on your wife in marriage because there is every possibility of you losing the following things in your marriage:

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1. Respect.

One of the fastest means of losing the respect your wife has for you is through cheating. When a married lady discovers that the husband whom she has so much regard for has stooped so low to have extramarital affairs with strange ladies, they get disappointed. It is such disappointment that will leads to the withdrawal of the respect she once had for him.


One major thing that betrays the trust a married woman has for her husband is infidelity. Once most married ladies realize that their husbands are cheating on them, it naturally affects the level of trust they have for them(husbands). The women in question would find it very difficult to believe everything the husbands may tell them in the future most especially when they do not return home early from wherever they may have gone.

3. Love.

More often than not, when most married ladies are cheated on by their husbands, the level of love they have for them will start decreasing gradually. It could even make some married women to start losing interest in the man and the marriage, because cheating is a deal breaker for them. Cheating naturally kills the love that exist between married people.

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4. Love making.

Most married women's urge for love making with their husbands get depreciated on the instance of infidelity, due to the fear of contacting STDs and STIs from their husbands. It also negatively affects their mood to have the carnal knowledge of the hubby.

5. Support.

A man who cheats on his wife also stand a high chance of losing the support his wife once selflessly gave to him. Most married women can go to any length to support the dreams of their husbands, knowing fully well that they will benefit from the uplifting of the men, but in a situation where they have the knowledge of another lady in the picture, they withdraw their assistance because they would not want to labour for another person to enjoy from their sweat.

6. Their wives' faithfulness.

Though not always, some married ladies in the course of trying to make their husbands feel the pain they felt from his adulterous lifestyle, can go to the length of having affair with other men as a payback. Those kind of ladies believe in the saying, "To whom much is given, much is expected". If they can resist the temptation of men who most times desire to have them, they expect their husbands to do same for them.

Dear men, there is no gain whatsoever in cheating. Be faithful to your wife and avoid the above occurrences, because they can cripple your marriage.

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