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Divorce Affair

I will rather have my daughter divorce than staying with a violent man - Man react.

In the world of today, every parents are working towards the comfort of their children, and as such they keep their eyes on all that concerns them, see what a man said he will do to any of his female child if any one messes with her.

One random facebook users with the name, Justin Ebuka Muodebelu took to his page to share how she will raise her daughters.

He said, "When I'm raising my daughters, I'll make sure they're not living their lives with any stupid societal norm as benchmark. In trouble? Call me. 

Marriage failed? Come back home. I'll rather have you home single or divorced, alive. Than married, in a body bag."

Ebuka said, he is not a man that will believe in the culture that forbid a married man from dumping their husband even when they are being treated unfairly.

Truly, there are many irresponsible husband out there that are taking advantage of their wives. There are some women today that are victim of domestic violence, and yet they are enduring the pain because of the vows they made while tying the knot.

Justin Ebuka said, he is not a man they will just sit and watch a man turn his daughter into a punching bag and still advised such daughter to endure.

According to him, he said he would ensure there is a cordial relationship between himself and his daughters, and he will make sure he is well updated about anything that concerns her. This is indeed a thought of a good father.

So many other facebook users has reacted to this post, and many of them are in support of Ebuka's intention;

What do you think about Ebuka's thought?

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Justin Ebuka Muodebelu


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