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3 Factors That Sustain A Happy Family

A happy ending or happy family as some people prefer to call it, is a situation where by two partners in relationship live a happy, healthy and joyful relationship for life. This can be guaranteed not only by incessant interaction between the couple or giving time to each other. Marriage is a sacred bondage where each partner is dedicated to the happiness, care and joy of the other partner. The following three factors can help maintain a productive family.

1. Honesty

This is an important attribute which is considered as a basic foundation of all relationship. Honesty is about being truthful to your partner, hiding nothing from your partner and confiding In the ability of your partner.

2. Giving Time

Your partner must be your utmost priority and responsibility. As you know, love grows with time and by giving our time or sharing our time with each other help in improving our relationship with each other.

3. Respect

Respect work not only in a relationship but in all aspect of life. We must give respect to whom respect is due. Remember that respect is reciprocal, so respecting your partner means receiving same from him or her.

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