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Meet The Couple That Gave Birth To Triplets After 21 Years Of Childlessness.

John Gitobu is 59 years old and his wife Florence Makena is 48 years old and they are both from Kenya.

They have been married for 22 years now when they tied the knot, their biggest plan was to have a baby a year into their marriage, little did they know this dream will take them 21 years.

It was a rough journey that cost them immeasurable pain. Two years into there marriage, Florence had an ectopic pregnancy, which led to surgery and losing their unborn baby, it was then the doctors told her that her fallopian tubes were blocked.

Mrs Florence.

They moved from one hospital to another and even to herbalists in search of treatment, but go no avail.

Her husband.

Florence inlaws grew impatient, her husband's brothers and Father urged him to divorce his wife. Some even mocked her saying, she will never understand the feeling of holding a baby, of her own in her hands.

Florence lived with the fear of losing her husband to another woman, who could give him children.

She spent nights crying in her bed to God to do the unexpected in her life.

When she got pregnant, in more than 20 years of trying, she could not believe it, she had to seek assurance from more than 3 doctors.

She shared the news with her husband and they kept it a secret, until their triplets were born, from fear of ridicule from people in case she never delivered.

John said he lived for his wife, and nothing can stop him from keeping his vows to her.

John worked as a vendor and Florence a tailor before the coronavirus pandemic.

He no longer works as even his wife is on bed rest, they are surviving on help from friends and well-wishers.

What a beautiful story, her husband is God sent to her. Even when his people were as pressurizing him to leave his wife, he never listened to them. He is truly a man.

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