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Heartbreaking: A Man Leaked His Chat With The Woman He Was Supposed To Marry In 2 Weeks

A man recently leaked the chat he had with the woman he was supposed to marry ij just 2 weeks time who canceled their long planned wedding just because she met her ex-boyfriend after many years of break up.

Judging from the chat the man known as Philip shared, the lady revealed to Philip that she has found the true love of her life and the one who makes her complete and would not like to go on with their wedding plans which were just in two weeks’ time.

Below you'll find the photos of the chat from the start.

The woman gave the most heartbreaking excuse that she had met her ex-boyfriend at the mall and their loved sparked up once more "after few years of break up how is this possible" stating that she will not be happy married to Philip.

My question here is why did she love another guy to the extent of wanting to marry him when she knows that she's still in love with her ex-boyfriend? Why will she disrupt every plans of the weeding in few minutes.

You all need to be careful before involving yourself into marriage because marriage is a life time commitment, It's an oath.

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