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5 Parts Of The Male Body That Some Women Find Attractive

You may have come across the word 'Caveat Emptor'. But if you haven't, caveat emptor is a term in law that means "Buyers beware". This statement simply means that the buyer of a good is solely liable to check the authenticity of the good before paying for it. This case, however, relates to us humans as well, especially women. And it explains why it is only normal for a woman to scan the body parts of any man with whom she intends to start a relationship for any defects or unique features.

The following are 5 parts of the male body that most women find attractive.

1. Shoulders

One amazing thing about broad shoulders is how nice it makes fitted clothes look on guys. Guys who happen to have it are easily any Lady's pick. Women are competitive beings, and for this reason, they would always crave the best of things and qualities in their choices of men. The good news, however, is that broad shoulders are not limited alone to those who were born with it. However, having broad shoulders that do not slope is a very appealing feature that women look out for.

2. Lips

Having great lips is a great feature for anyone, not just for guys. But when a guy possesses great lips, it rarely goes unnoticed. Guys know this. Which explains exactly why some even go to the extent of purchasing lip balms to enhance the attractiveness of their lips by making them 'pinkish'. Having amazing lips is great, but the 'pinkish' ones are like icing on the cake.

3. Eyes

The eyes are arguably the most beautiful part of the human body. Women rate a man's eyes more important than other facial features when seeking a potential partner. There's no doubt that there are many other important facial features that can make someone attractive, but the eyes are more crucial when it comes to measuring a person's real beauty.

4. Arms

Even though some persons might argue that this particular point depends on taste, no woman would like to have for herself a man whose arms are the size of a Relay Barton. Ladies crave guys with big arms probably because of a certain sense of security that comes with having them around. Big arms just do it for some women. I mean, if you can have a bodyguard and a lover all in one place. Why not?

5. Beard

This is probably a trend. Apart from making guys look more handsome, it makes them look more masculine. Women love guys with beards. One of the usefulness of having a beard is that it protects skin from sun damage. What's more, beards can help shield the skin from harmful rays. However, the degree of protection that a guy enjoys from having a beard may likely depend on his hair density and thickness.

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