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I will rather be a side chic to a loyal guy -Lady says

Some reactions have followed after a lady shared on her Twitter page the kind of a man she can accept to be his side chick.

As long as love is a concern, every man and woman knows the kind of person he or she needs. It is not good to force anybody to choose a lover against his/her wish.

Truly love is very sweet when you follow your heart because you know exactly what connects you to the person.

So, concerning the issue of being a side chick, a lady identified by her Twitter account as @sonnieh or @sonnieh5 has given a reason why she prefers to be a side chick to a loyal guy.

But the confusion people are having with her post is the way she arranged her words.

She wrote, "I would rather be a side chick to a loyal guy than a main chick to a cheater".

Some who reacted to the post are having a different opinion over the post.

A man whose Twitter account is @TheNewWav3 said that at the initial time he thought that the post was meaningless, but if you can understand a woman you will find out that her words have meanings.

Another reaction from CaroKarish, @carokarish says that the lady means that it will be better for her to be a side chick where she is fully aware that it is only her and the main chick, rather than give herself to a man who has many women.


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