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Only God Can Forgive Men; I Was Washing My Husband's Clothes And I Found This In His Pocket[Fiction]

It is a generic belief amongst Nigerian women that all men are the same and that no matter how you try and satisfy them, they'll still find their way to commit their desired atrocities outside your relationship or union with them.

Myself And Olawale had been Married for three years, we are blessed with a Beautiful baby girl and things were seemingly going on fine between us. He does virtually everything I ask of him ranging from handling house bills, the child's upkeep, my own personal upkeep and ultimately gives me his utmost support in everything and his attention was never so scarce to come by. Of course this sounds and seems like a perfect home without any issues and which young lady wouldn't crave for such.

Wale got a better job offer in a reputable firm and the monetary package that came with it is more attractive and bigger than his previous job, so definitely he had to jump at the offer.

Almost Immediately after my Husband started this job, his behavior and responsibilities in the didn't change actually and he still maintains the height of his contribution to the growth of the family, But Wale now comes phone very late, initially when he started the job, he doesn't comes home farther than 4-5 p.m but later it changes to around 7-8 p.m.

But whenever I decide to ask him about his recent habit of coming home late, he says his work mode in the office had Changed and that it affects his closing hours, which means he had no choice than to be coming home late often. I instantly agreed with him because he still plays all expected roles at home perfectly.

On this fateful Saturday, I took out Wale's clothes to the washing machine to do the laundry as usual and while checking his pockets to ensure he doesn't forget anything in there, but I got the shock of my life at what I saw.

I found a pack of unused condoms in his pockets, how could wale be having a pack of condoms in his pockets? For what?

I couldn't hold myself back and I dashed into the house angrily to confront him about what i saw and accused of cheating on me. But instead of him to be scared, remorseful and beg for forgiveness, he was brimming with confidence while continued operating his PC.

After much ranting and shouting from me, Wale only replied me with some unreplied questions, he asked and said 1."did you ever catch me cheating or anyone close to you ever saw me cheating?" 2. "What if the condoms you saw in my pocket were for birth control between us?"

I couldn't talk any further, he said it so confidently as if I should take my mind of the matter as it was seemingly irrelevant to him.

Wale only asked those questions without giving a direct answer to my accusations.

Could Wale be actually cheating on me? Or was he really concerned about our earlier planned birth control measures?

I'm extremely worried that wale has started but I am sure he just purposely left me confused because he I had no proof.

All men are the same, nothing or nobody can satisfy them.

Content created and supplied by: Oge_Jesu (via Opera News )

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