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Do Just This One Thing And You Will Remain Happy All Your Life

The world is full of chaos and uproar. There is anger everywhere with a little excitement. Friends are turning against friends, children against parents, spouses against each other, employees against employer and a lot more.

People tend to take their own lives in a bid to get out of their challenge but this does not solve the issue either. A lot others run to different acclaimed solution centres to end whatever does not give them peace in their lives. Still, the problems lie unsolved.

Is there any solution then? The answer is Yes, there is/are. They must be far fetched then? The answer is NO, they aren't far fetched. They are in, within and around us. 

Now, here is it. To be able to go through this life with less stress, FIND THAT THING THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY AND REMAIN THERE. 

So, the one thing you will do to remain happy all your life is to "FIND". There are a lot of things you can find within and around you to keep you happy. You have to do it yourself. You owe yourself how you spend your life. No one cares for you more than you do. So, your happiness lies in your hands.

Let me help you to explore those things you can find to keep you happy.

1. God. Find God, your creator. Perfect peace lies in HIM. He gives Peace that passes all human understanding. You do not need anybody to find Him for you. You have equal right and access to approach HIS throne of Grace In your closet, kneel down and ask Him to be your companion. He will answer you and come to your aid. 

2. Find and Make Friends. There are one or two friends in your life who have dedicated themselves to be with you through thick and thin. You must have seen the proof all through your years of walking together. Stick to them. Hang out together. Share your moments with them. Forget about all that didn't keep to their promise or disappointed along your journey. Be with the ones that bring joy and make things work for you. AND YOU WILL REMAIN HAPPY.

3. Activities. Find activities and events that keep you up there. If it is tourism, embark on journeys. Science says that travels have psychological effects on the individual. Your mind is opened up to see the beauty of nature and amazing happenings you are not used to. 

4. Relive Sweet Memories. Entertain your mind by watching past sweet events you must have recorded. 

5. On your own, find ways to train your mind to dwell on positive thoughts. You can recall some things in the past that have made you smile and laugh. Dwell on those thoughts.

6. Find entertaining books to read. Also get cool videos and Television channels to watch.

You will agree with me that the whole thing is all about the mind. This is because once the mind is healthy, the whole body is healthy. Life is not as difficult as we sometimes view it. Love you and Do you, and you will live happily longer than you know.

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