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Husband and wife relationship

Ladies Only: Husband Scarcity at Glance.

The way people talk about husband scarcity really amaze me. Guys even go on threatening that you'll get old in your father's house all because you refuse his proposal due to his irresponsible behavior but go out telling people it is because he's poor. Islam encourages earlymarriage but never a wrong one. A complete stranger will start a conversation with "will you be my wife?" and you'll happily start imagining your future with him without realizing this guy is just playing around with you. Because of husband scarcity right? Despite this husband scarcity, weddings still happen every Saturday.

Do not drop your self-respect or dignity for this concept of husband scarcity. I see no reason why a girl will jump into marriage with anybody just because she's scared of not getting married before 30 or because everybody is getting married. I see no reason why a girl will marry a guy who is not planning anything for his future just because she like the idea of getting married. People only want weddings, but you're the one involve when it comes to marriage.

Do not give any guy the right to rip off your dignity all because you're scared he will leave you. It's better to wait than to regret. If you truly try to get closer to your Creator everyday, He will definitely bless you with someone who truly deserve you and who will respect you. But make sure you look for the right things when it comes to quality and then leave the rest to the Almighty.

© Hauwa

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