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Reasons People Love Watching Horror Movies

We all select our entertainment because you want it to influence you. Horror is a genre that people incline to look down upon and not take seriously. To some people watching horror movies can be an entire experience because of the scare, mystery, and suspense.

Despite these movies being scary, horrible, and gross although it's fake, they make you about death and fear for your lives. Yet, people still watch them because;

* It's engaging and entertaining. It acts as a means to fend off boredom

* They make them terrified but then they are not disturbed because they know it's fake and they are in a safe place.

* The plot can be unbelievable sometimes, obviously fake with costumes and make-up that can make the film look funny to some people.

* It sometimes gives them a peek at how life-threatening situations might turn out.

* They enjoy the great rush of adrenaline in their body, it makes them happy and relaxed.

* It teaches them how to control their suspense, uncertainty, and anxiety.

* It's fun so it also brings people together. Teenagers bond over watching scary movies they also share their experiences.

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