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Screenshot: See heartbreaking conversation between a depressed girl and her Aunty

Alot of things has been going on lately in different relationships, and most people are leaving a depressed life all in the name of the word "Relationship" here is the screenshot of a heartbreaking chat between a girl and her aunt which has made me doubt the fact that real love exist, and the way alot of people know longer embrace their skin complexion.

See screenshots of the leaked chat

According to the chat, the girl's boyfriend broke up with her because she was too dark, and according to him. he's friends were mocking him.

  She also explained to her aunt, who she calls her favourite about how he called her monkey, and pleaded for a good cream to bleach her skin as her friends were also bleaching.

   The Aunt, encouraged her with compliments. to build up her confidence. we should try to love and embrace our complexion and stay away from toxic relationship that will make us hate ourselves.

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