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See 5 Reasons Why Girls Are Jealous Of Each Other, Unlike The Guys.(Opinion).

Jealousy is well display among couples, but these days , our Young girls , seems to carry the whole , issues in their minds. With their materialistic demand and egos.

Here we going to see 5 Reasons Why Girls Are Jealous Of Each Other Unlike the guys.


In our society today , it's seems pretty woman are more valued than the opposite . This has caused chaos among females. The world seems to revolve around the beautiful ones. Woman seems to have problem with each other at a point in time , because of men preference which has made many to change their looks in bid to look better and hot .

Preference as regards to what men wants has made women to evade from what they really are.

Women are quite complicated, to compare to their male counter part. Men preference is surely one of the reasons for women rivalry.

2 . Simplicity.

Some women are unique , simply and hard working. Talented and intelligent to understand how life works. While others are just wild, with they wild thought and views , of a girl who acts so Innocently , comes jealousy and competition especially when the innocent is more prettier. I guess you have, on one occasion heard a story of an innocent girl , whom her roommate arranged for a group of guys to defile her. Jealousy among women , is something we experience every day , even the guys can testify to to that.

3. Low self-esteem.

Low self-esteem has made many lady to wear makeups , wigs and other beauty enhancing Stuff to a place , that supposedly doesn't need such preparation. Like the gem_ Nevertheless low self-esteem kills slowly just like depression, though low self-esteem is one of the attribute of depression. Low self-esteem person can't help but be jealous of the confidence one's. Whether directly or indirectly_ low self-esteem persons, has a lot of hidden agendas , that when reviewed would stock you to dumb.

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4. Appearance.

Looks, has a lot to do with women, both decent, inappropriate dressings, make-ups colour and other ways , you can define appearance , when it comes to women.

Imagine when you have pimples , and a friend of yours , didn't have any , you feel bad, wishing your face could get better. Just what do you called that if not jealousy, some will go to the extent of wishing their could inflict it on their friend's face, and it could get bad , if the friend gets a compliment from a guy around or people around .

That's why some girls can do anything to acquire material things , thereby increasing the cases of female being used for ritual by Yahoo boys.

5. Actions.

It might not sound like , "Actions" supposed to be here , but your actions , might cause people around you to be jealous , thereby wanting to dare with you , at all cost.

Though , I have come across , stories of people , who are quiet , and humble , but still, there are a lot of hates , in-store for them. It sad as it might sound to you, but when you try that much to make yourself happy , do same for other people around you. Though jealousy may be common , but when you work hard intentionally to spat jealousy from people around you , you are in for many ups and downs.

However, it believed that women has a higher emotional quotient than men , and this could make them to be more dramatic and dangerous than , their male counter part.

There are many cases ,of betrayal ranging from every angle of the country, give to jealousy and high level of material demand.

But you can be better , if you're able to control your emotional and be your beautiful / pretty self.

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