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Different Types Of Intimacies In Every Relationship And Their Importance

Intimacy between a man and a woman can be defined as sharing your deepest thoughts and emotions which touches the inner selves.

You can be intimate with someone without having a romantic relationship, but it is usually associated with courtship or marriage.

People can connect in different ways through intimacy. As a result, it is an essential aspect of any serious relationship.

There are different types of intimacy, and all of them are important.

We have physical intimacy, which involves hugging, holding hands, making love, and cuddling.

Physical intimacy is very important in every marriage because it strengthens the faithfulness between couples.

It also helps the husband and wife build a close connection.

A marriage that lacks physical intimacy is on the verge of divorce. Married couples are advised to always give serious concern to it.

Don't deny each other physical intimacy because it's like a pillar that keeps your home standing.

The second one is emotional intimacy.

This is the kind of closeness you have with someone that you both share your personal feelings, fears, anticipations, and care for each other.

Emotional intimacy can exist between friends, either a friend of the same gender or different genders.

Emotional intimacy helps people to receive approval and respect from each other.

This type of intimacy is also important among couples who want to understand each other. They need to listen to each other to get to know the kind of person their partner is.

The third one is intellectual intimacy.

It involves an intellectual conversation between two intelligent people. They share innovative ideas about their professions.

Couples can also have intellectual intimacy, especially if both of them are educated and want to start a joint venture.

The last one is spiritual intimacy. This is the kind of intimacy that you share your religious beliefs and pray together.

You talk to each other about things that are beyond the physical realm.

This is the type of intimacy that makes you and your partner connect spiritually. It is stronger than physical, emotional, and intellectual intimacy.

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