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COUPLE GOAL: This Is My Idea Of Growing Old Together- (Picture)

A picture of a couple has gone viral on different social media platforms, the buzz about the viral picture may not be unconnected to how the couple slayed with their grey hair which typifies old age in most cases.

Alot of people praised them for not allowing their love to quench because of age.

See some reactions:

Honestly, this is my idea of growing old together. So help me God.

I know this is a fantasy that does not always become a reality because of the harsh economy in the country.

There is a popular quote that says "Just Love Is Not Good Enough For Marriage"

My brother hear my voice and heed to my words that you may cherish and enjoy your marriage. Know that in as much as marriage is important but it is not compulsory.

Marriage based on “just love” does not stand the test of time. "The sound of the bitter kola is quite different from the taste". Best marriages were not built out of sheer love but mental maturity and pure understanding.

You will wonder "what's the benefit of love then"? My brother love is like oil that drives the car (marriage) but wisdom and understanding is the driver which controls the movement of the vehicle (marriage) by knowing how to play with the pedals that releases the fuel (Love).

This means that there could be love in marriage and it will still crash. Also, as fuel can be exhausted, so can love be exhausted. Have you seen a car with fuel which can't move just because the drivers due to lack of experience, finds it difficult to trace the problem?

My brother, let's bring it home; marriage needs not just to be of age but to be of mental maturity.

Calm down, groom yourself and make choice not necessary out of love but out of relevance and potential. Love can be built but potentials are qualities which you won't have time to grow for her. 

One last thing; put God first in everything you do and do not waste your youth, else you will regret it.

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Growing Old Together- Just Love Is


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