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Why heartbreaks happens much in a relationship.

How to keep your relationship active

Many people have been in and out of failed relationships. Most people have even given up on the concept of relationship.

A relationship is created or broken by factors we can control if we know what they are. These factors have helped many people rebuild their relationships and I hope it helps you too.

There are 5 factors that improve relationships

TRUST; Due to past experiences with lying or cheating partners become overly suspicious of their current partners,they monitor their movements,their calls,their messages and some even go as far as sending people to try and seduce their partners to find out if they'll succumb. No lasting relationship is built on distrust,if you love someone you learn how to trust them. That's not to say that you should ignore unfaithfulness or signs of it,it just means you should believe in your partner and the love you both share.

COMMUNICATION: This is another important aspect of any relationship, if you do not communicate with your partner,he/she might not know what ticks you off or not,if your partner annoys or pleases you, you have to learn to voice it out instead of hoarding your feelings and expecting your partner to automatically know what's in your mind. Remember that as long as a grievance is not aired, cannot be acknowledged 

COMMITMENT: You have to be committed to your relationship and try to make it work. You can't be in a relationship and be having sexual relationship with someone one else, neither can you be in relationship and be nonchalant to feelings and needs of your partner,it doesn't work that way. The relationship will die very fast.To make your relationship work remember that you have to consider the consequences whatever action you take will reflect on your partner.This does not mean you should be in a one sides relationship where you're the only one putting effort into the relationship and your partner isn't. Be committed but don't be an idiot.

RESPECT: In a relationship respect is very vital part because you have to learn how to respect the feelings and wishes of your partner. If you know that your partner doesn't like certain actions,try your utmost best not to display them. There may be times when your partner may need to be alone,respect that fact and try not to push your partner for details.

LOVE; Most people think that the most important factor in a relationship is love,but without the above factors love alone will not make a relationship thrive.Even at that, love is still an important part of any relationship, because it is only when you love someone that you'll be willing to sacrifice time and attention to the growth of a relationship with that person. It only love that makes you choose someone over others. Love is a beautiful thing that makes a person worth the the ups and down of any relationship.

I hope these factors help you as much as they helped others.

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